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Playing Gaslands Death Race with a twist

Hello gaslanders. Ever wanted to emulate Frankestein, Pachenko or Machine Gun Joe on a Death Race game? Want to play with an alternative scenario that is closer to the Death Race 2008 film? Now you can. We have been working on this for a while, and we hoped to launch this scenario back in March when we were sponsoring the Gaslands UK Car of the Month with a Death Race theme, but then lockdown happened and well, it got delayed.

You can download the scenario rules in PDF format here:

Death Race Variant Scenario
Download PDF • 4.45MB

You will still need a copy of Gaslands Refueled to play it and we have just added a couple of products to support this scenario to our store: The pressure plate tokens and the Death Head trap. Both have been modelled to be as close to the film as possible.

The scenario is a blast to play. Changing the way the weapons activate and having this semi-secret pressure plate token placement allows for some mind games between players. Is Terry placing his death head trap close to the second gate? I bet he is planning to put his sword close to the start line, I should put my death head as close as possible to that! It also alleviates some the usual bottleneck between the start line and first gate. A clever player may try to put his weapon activation tokens on an alternative route that allows him to bypass that big melee. But would another player hinder him by placing a trap on that?


That's not all. As the trap might be a little bit tricky to assemble (converting it into a multi-part model that could be shipped without breakage was one of the reasons for the delay in releasing this) I have put together a very short step by step tutorial on how to assemble them:

It's a Trap!

Step 1 (Optional) Cleaning up

Start by cleaning up the pieces before assembly. Don't be like me that rushed through this and didn't clean up as you will see in some of the photos. You know the saying: Do as I say, not as I do.

Step 2: Glue one of the side panels

Put the piece with the 4 square holes (base of the spikes) face down and glue one of the side panels to it. The wider beam and the thinner one with small indentations should align with the side of the panel. If they don't, it is the other side panel. You can also see that the detail with 6 bolts on the central piece has an angled part that should align with the wide beam. The bolts should always be facing out from the trap.

Step 3: Do the same on the other side

Repeat the process of step 2 on the other side. Let it dry or use some super glue accelerant if you are in a hurry.

Step 4: Glue the roof

Put the roof piece with the beams side up and put glue on the angled beams and the front edge. Then slide the front panel and side beams into position. Let it dry, no seriously, let it dry or it will all fall apart while you are pushing the spikes in place.

Step 5: Start with a spike

Each spike goes into the small T shaped holes of the front panel. It is a tight fit so make sure you clean the wide part of the spike before trying to glue it in place. Do a dry fit test to check if it goes in without issues, then put a small drop of glue on the hole and push it in place.

Step 6: Rinse and repeat, more spikes!

The trap has 12 spikes. Work your way down left to right holding the trap upright as it will be when used in the game. Or work your way up from the bottom row if you feel it is better that way, whatever is more comfortable for you. The idea is to follow some sort of order that would allow you to manipulate the remaining spikes into place without the others interfering too much, if you were to do all the edges you'll have a hard time fitting the ones on the inside.

Step 7: And 12... that's a lot of spikes

With all spikes in place, you just need to paint it. Nothing too fancy: I used an airbrush to prime it black and to paint everything with a gunmetal colour. Then I painted the small bolts in a more brilliant silver colour and applied a sloppy coat of Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil from Citadel. I then did some brown/rust drybrush on the spikes and a silver drybrush on the tips and called it done.

That is all folks. I really hope you have as much fun with this new alternative scenario as we had designing it and playtesting it.

Kyamsil over and out!

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