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Hot Wheels Custom Parts
  • How do I install your wheels?
    You will need to remove the rivets of the car to dissassemble and replace the existing wheels and axles with a new one. You can use paper clips, wire or brass rod to make it. In some cases it would be better to lift the car by putting the new axle glued to the bottom of the car instead. You can watch a nice tutorial on how to do it here:
  • What are your items made of?
    Most of our items have been 3d-printed using a process called FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling). There are other 3d-printing techniques but this is the most common. The printer melts a roll of plastic filament that is then deposited layer by layer to form a 3d object. It is a slow process as those layers are very thin (0.1mm to 0.2mm in all our products). There is a lot of different plastic filament materials available to print with. We mostly use PLA (Polylactic Acid) which is made of corn starch and is not petroleum derived plastic.
  • Do you sell Hot Wheels custom parts for restoration?
    No, not really. While we do offer Hot Wheels custom parts, our focus is to offer quality 3d printed parts for modifying vehicles for tabletop games like Gaslands. While you could use them to create non gaming related customs they won't look anything like the vintage diecasts on a restoration.
  • How should I handle UV resin parts
    For the items printed in UV sensitive resin, we have taken care in cleaning them with Isopropyl Alcohol and they have been cured using UV LEDs. This has been done as uncured liquid resin can cause allergies and direct skin contact should be avoided. In the unlikely event that any piece feels too soft or have any liquid resin left over, use a UV flashlight for a few seconds or leave them exposed to sunlight for a while. Any source of UV light, including the sun will continue to cure them until they are primed. Any unprimed UV resin items left exposed to sunlight for long periods may change colour or become brittle over time. We recommend to prime them as soon as possible, just in case.
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