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Wheel Sizes Explained


All of our Wheels and Tyres include a diameter option. The diameter is the total height of the wheel as installed on a vehicle expressed in millimetres. The diameter also dictates the price of the wheels, as you can appreciate, bigger wheels take longer to print and consume more material.

As a curiosity for the mathematically inclined, every time you double the diameter of a wheel, its volume increases by a factor of 8 (as it scales by double in all 3 dimensions). Fortunately, due to how 3D printers work, that doesn't mean 8 times the cost! 

10 mm (actually 10.5mm)

A newcomer to our range, this smallest of sizes was made possible by experimenting with smaller nozzle diameters on our printer. These wheels are smaller than the stock ones on most Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars at only 10.5 mm diameter. They are perfect for the front wheels of hot rods.


12 mm

Previous to the introduction of the 10mm, it was the smallest size that we offered. It is roughly equivalent to the size of most of the wheels that come in Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. This makes it perfect as an all purpose wheel for when you are not looking for a car that stands out too much. It is also perfect for the front wheels of buggies and hot-rods.

14 mm

While 12 mm are more popular in general, some people prefer this as their default size. It is slightly bigger than most of the stock wheels from Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars, but they should still fit most vehicles, except maybe some sports cars that have very tight spaces below their fenders. These wheels will look great under most circumstances and are going to be noticed. When undecided, 14 mm is the way to go. Perfect as an all purpose wheel that stands out.

16 mm

These wheels are big. Of course we have bigger, but these are the biggest that can be used on most cars without having to heavily modify it. They are perfect for pick-up trucks, all terrain vehicles, and as the rear wheels on buggies and hot-rods. They will definitely make your car stand out from the crowd. They can also be used on smaller buses and war rigs.

18 mm

These wheels are massive and only meant for big vehicles or extreme conversions. They are perfect for buses, heavy trucks and war rigs of every sort. They can also be used to convey heavier all-terrain vehicles that blur the line between a regular pick-up truck and a monster truck. Also, some extreme buggies could use them as their rear wheels, as could most vehicles with a raised suspension. These will draw attention to your conversion for sure.

20 mm

Another newcomer to our range, these have been created by customer's requests for something bigger than our size 18 but not getting into monster truck territory. Currently they are only offered in 'Phatty' variant, using the rim of our size 16. If you are planning a military heavy vehicle, or a massive war rig or heavy truck these are the ones you should be looking for.


24 mm 

I would be surprised to see them used as anything other than a monster truck. They are way oversized for any other purpose as they are taller than most Matchbox and Hot Wheels vehicles, except maybe some vans and trucks. they could also be used for tractors, heavy trucks, construction machinery or the like. 

32 mm

Huge, Enormous, Gargantuan! The biggest of the lot that we offer right now. They only have one purpose: Monster Truck. While Monster Jams by Hot Wheels have even bigger tyres at 36 mm, these are able to hold their own as they also have a lot more detail. As a side effect of being scaled up so much, a lot of details that are difficult to see in regular sized wheels are clear to see at this size. 

* Rim Size: Not the actual Rim size but the wheel size they are meant for

Other Properties

Those wheels have tyres with increased section width so they fit rims from smaller sizes, resulting in a more aggressive profile than regular tyres. At the moment we make them so they fit rims two sizes down (16 to 12 mm and 18 to 14 mm).


Those wheels have tyres that are thinner than the regular ones. Regular ones have a width of roughly half their diameter while slims have 1/3 of their diameter. There is also slim versions of the 'Phatties'.


Synonym of 'Phatty' for our bigger sizes (24mm and 32mm). Those wheels are meant to be used with a suspension lift system to convert any car into a monster truck. To add to their overall beefiness they also have over 10% additional total width.


Those are slim tyres mounted on longer rims that can fit two of them side by side on a dual or twin mount, making them perfect for rear tyres on buggies or for war rigs and other trucks.