Our Story

Engineering meets gaming

Being a Software Developer by trade and having a background in industrial engineering, I had an interest in 3D printing from the first time I heard about the technology. 

I've been a gamer for as long as I remember, playing my first video-games on the arcade machines of the mid 80s. Also at that time, as a boy I started assembling and "painting" military model kits. Since then, it was only natural that I started accumulating a plethora of hobbies like video-games, miniature wargames, board games, Magic, role-playing games, and now 3D printing.

I first got into 3d Printing in the summer of 2018 as a way of printing my own conversion bits for my latest passion: Gaslands. First by just using freely available files in sites like Thingiverse. 

But soon enough, I started to dabble with Tinkercad to create my own conversion pieces and accessories. I had previous experience using AutoCAD at college when I studied Engineering. I soon switched from using Tinkercad to Fusion 360 as it is more powerful, and so far I am loving it as my tool of choice.

My design time is limited as I have a full time job and do this just as a hobby, but I am doing my best to finish designs regularly in my spare time.

Now, my wife came up with the idea of creating this small company to bring you all those designs I was creating for myself. She handles the printing, order management, shipping, accounting (all the boring stuff) letting me focus on just creating new products.

Fran M. (a.k.a.) Kyamsil